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September 12, 2011


Preorder Diablo 3


Blizzard is well-known for releasing high-quality games. Their most popular franchises include Warcraft and Starcraft, but Diablo 3 is definitely not falling behind. The previous game has been played for a decade now, and despite being outdated in many ways its quality is undeniable.

Diablo III will certainly follow the footsteps of its prequels and will definitely be one hell of a game, no pun intended. Preorders are selling like crazy and with the recent news about it the hype is growing and growing.

Diablo 3 Highlights:

  • Five different classes: Barbarian, Monk, Demon Hunter, Witch Doctor and Wizard
  • Each class has over 20 different, unique skills
  • Detailed crafting system
  • Amazing Runestone system enabling you to make the most out of abilities you like best
  • PvP system enabling you to test your skills against other players
  • Auction House helps you buy and sell your shiny loot
  • Followers system helps you defeat the toughest of monsters

Even if you’re not the biggest fan of RPG games, Diablo III is worth trying. From all the games of the similar genre that you could give a shot at, it’s no doubt best to start with D3, so be sure to preorder your copy now.

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  1. Josh
    Oct 4 2011

    so pumped, can’t wait.

  2. Bots for Diablo 3
    May 28 2012

    They don’t have brand new tricks, they have the same tips but a lot more of them. The dungeons tend to be random…ish. There aren’t extremely many variations. And what do you do in coop? That’s right, you every one of the spam click. Extremely minimal strategy, really minimal which can really be called cooperation.

  3. Diablo III maphack
    May 28 2012

    They don’t have brand new tricks, they have the exact same tricks however a lot more of them. The dungeons are really random…ish. There aren’t really various variations. As well as just what exactly do you do in coop? That’s appropriate, you every one of the junk e-mail mouse click. Very minimal strategy, extremely minimal which can really be labeled as cooperation.


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