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September 15, 2011

Preorder TERA Online


TERA (The Exiled Realm of Arborea) is frequently advertised as the first true action MMORPG. Tera provides all the depth of any MMO–quests, crafting, an intricate plot, PvP, and more-combined for the first time with the satisfaction and skill of a console action game. No more are you confined to tabbing and then standing around and eating a sandwich while taking on a boss. You’re at the center of the action, hitting where you aim and reacting in real-time to dodge and move out of the way when attacked. In Tera, skill and substance combine for an entirely new MMORPG experience.

This game is being developed by Bluehole Studios and published by En Masse Entertainment. TERA is due for release on May 1st.

TERA Features:

  • Enter the world of Tera as one of seven player races, each with its own history, lore, and point of view. These are the races of the Valkyon Federation, leading the way into a new era of unity as they face a battle for their very existence.
  • The eight player classes of Tera each contribute their own style of combat, their own method and approach to tactics, and their own unique abilities in solo and group play. Get to know them here-their fighting styles, their tools, and their talents.
  • Tera is a world born of conflict. It’s a place where gods scheme, armies clash, and the world can change in the blink of an eye. Thousands of years have passed since the two titans, Arun and Shara, lay down and dreamed the world and its inhabitants.
  • Your enemies are many and varied. Some are strong, some are intelligent-all are dangerous. Consider this your pre-mission briefing on beasts and bad guys. Get to know them, where they come from, and how they fight.
  • The world of Tera began millennia ago when two titans of unimaginable power, Arun and Shara, met in a formless void. For reasons we can only guess, they fell asleep. And as they slept, Tera took shape around them.


There are three different editions of TERA you can preorder: standard, physical collector’s edition and digital collector’s edition. Standard Edition costs $49,99 and includes 30 days of game time. Digital Collector’s Edition, valued at $59,99, includes 30 days of free game time, as well as as Regal Frostlion Mount, and two different necklaces for your character:

  • Velik’s Bloodstone Necklace
    • Level 15+, Attack +21, Damage +8, Max MP +70, Attack Speed +4%
  • Shakan’s Bloodstone Necklace
    • Level 40+, Attack +91, Damage +59, Max MP +143, Attack Speed +6%

TERA Physical Collectors Edition

Physical Collectors Edition includes the most bonuses and costs $79,99. All the above contents are included, as well as the following:

  • Letter of Marque
  • Valkyon Federation Handbook
  • Federation Issued Compass
  • Map of TERA
  • Original Soundtrack

In addition to the aforementioned, every copy gives you access to the early beta testing, and Early Name Reservation and Early Game Access. It’s up to you to decide which copy is worth it, but there really are some great bonuses included in collector’s editions.

Much like any MMORPG, TERA will get even more popular in the next few months, which will no doubt reflect the pre-order numbers as well. Be sure to secure your copy for the best price today. You won’t regret it!

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